Spectacular Kids Stories

Story trilogy: read these 3 stories and tell me which one you like the best-you will win a prize.

Bella the bee

Bella is a very special bee. She loves to play hide-and-seek. All of the other bees laughed at her until one day when her game saved the queen.

Eddie the eagle

Eddie worries about all of the other eagles. He thinks about them all day long. He knows their story off by heart but he has forgotten his own story. How will he remember it?

Ollie the octopus

Ollie is the funniest octopus ever! It turns out that he is also very clever, find out why

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Hide and seek

Mum and Dad need to help you play this game. They will put out the clues as you cover your eyes. Then when you have the first clue in your hand they can help you complete each task and get on to the next clue. At the end they will have placed the prize where the last clue tells them to. Yahoo!

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The Spectacular Kids club is a story warehouse.

There are books to be read, competitions to be entered, blogs for mums, and lots of stories to be found: stories in books, on sheets (the ultimate bed time story) stories on tee shirts and hats and stories to be listened to on our YouTube channel.

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