Mom what do you like to read?

I found that my reading habits changed when I became a mom. Spare time came in short bursts. I couldn’t read anything where children were suffering as I became so sensitive that even the hint of sadness sent me into sobbing fits. My concentration and memory shortened tangibly and I felt myself reading sentences over again. This, as does with all phases, passed and I was soon back to reading Wilkie Collins and Oscar Wilde. Reading is such a major part of my psyche that am unwilling to relinquish it. I am never lonely and never bored. I have experienced pogroms, time travel, scoured the oceans and dined with cultures from all corners of the earth and of all aeons.

Let us pass this joy onto our precious children. Let them not forgo the adventure that it the word or replace it with some shallow pleasure on a small screen that neither challenges them or moves them. Join me in a family reading club.

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