Ollie the octopus

The hero of this story is an octopus. He is brave and kind just like you. When you listen to the words try and see yourself in the story. Put yourself in his shoes. He has 8 legs so that is a lot of shoes!

Ollie the octopus loved looking for new things under the sea. He loved all of the plants and animals that surrounded him. He knew each fish by name. He also loved to laugh and have fun. One day he was swimming through the sea looking for someone to swim with, someone to giggle and wiggle with through the pink and orange coral.

The other octopuses thought that he was rather strange. They didn’t see why he would waste time on anything that wasn’t food. They spent their days with each other. They never played with the seahorses or the dolphins. They never swam with the whales or played hide-and-seek with the sharks. They didn’t see the point in finding out whatever was going on outside octopus-land. They ate octopus food, they spoke octopus language and they played octopus football (a very fast game with so many legs!)  Ollie liked to watch the daddy seahorses carrying the babies in their tummy pouches. He loved listening to the dolphins talking in their squeaky language. Most of all he liked to sit and watch how all the sea-creatures lived together in peace.

One day as he was watching the school of sardines swim by he noticed that something was not right. There was a funny feeling in his tummy but he didn’t know exactly what was. Then he saw what it was. There was a big net in the water. Someone was in a big boat above them, trying to catch all of the fish. The sardines were so scared. The tuna were nervous. The dolphins were diving deeper down so that the net couldn’t catch them. The nets came deeper and deeper. Ollie had to think quickly. More and more fish were being caught. Ollie knew all of the animals in the sea and he knew that which ones could help: the sharks. “Shimmy”, he called. “Shellie”, come fast we need you. Two great white sharks came shooting through the water ready to help. “Chew through the net fast” Ollie said. Shimmy and Shellie chewed through the nets with their big sharp teeth. All of the octopuses pulled back the open edges with all of their legs to let the little fish out. They all worked together.

The fishermen above pulled their nets out of the water and saw that they had no fish and a big hole in their net. “Never mind”, they said “We will eat pizza for dinner”.

Meanwhile under the sea, all of the sea-creatures thanked Ollie. The other octopuses decided that they would spend time everyday sitting and watching the other creatures so that they could be part of the community. “We can all learn from each other” they said. “And have lots of fun too”.


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