Why can’t I be on my phone?

Or IPad?

What is wrong with the television?

This is what I said to my nana when she suggested we read.

Then something very mysterious happened.

The electricity went out. Just like that. I am not saying my nana had something to do with it but she was smiling rather a lot.

My phone was completely out of battery and so was my IPad.

How did that happen?

Anyway, Nana, looking very happy, went into her big bag and fetched out a very old book. She said it was a diary. Not any old diary but that of her great- grandmother. She lit a candle and we snuggled up on the sofa and began to read.

The story began in a place called Germany. It was 1940, over 80 years ago and there was a big war just about to begin. Great-great-grandmother was called Greta and Greta was a scared little girl. Her family went through very hard scary things in a time called the Holocaust. She managed to escape to America and live in New York.

There she met some good friends and they sat talking for hours by the river. Her good friend Maya also told her stories about what her family had been through. They had been slaves brought from Africa to America. Greta and Maya stayed friends through all of their lives.

Everybody has a story to tell. Every story is different but each is just as important.

I realized that each behind every story is a person and behind every person is a story. You can’t see the story when you look at them but you have to sit quietly and listen.

What is my story?

I am going to write my own story.

I am going to go on journeys,

I am going to paint and dance and sing.

I am going to try everything until I find out what my story to tell.

But most of all I am going to spend time with family and friends because they are definitely part of my story.

So friend are you listening?

What is your story?

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