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Grand mothering during the Coronavirus era

Hi grandmas-greetings from the queendom.

I have changed the format of our blog meetings a little- now we have 2 weekly meetings. The first is about how we engage and nurture our grandchildren with lots of activities and tips and the second about nurturing ourselves with health and beauty product tips. Stay tuned.

Are you stressed out by the Coronavirus and the way it has turned our world upside down?

If you aren’t sure-these are the symptoms of stress:

Dizziness, general aches and pains, grinding or clenching teeth, headaches, indigestion, muscle tension and insomnia. These symptoms are all caused by an excess of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline which are supposed to help us flee or fight our ancient enemies such as marauding invaders. When I looked up the causes of modern day stress the answer was “money or ill health”. Obviously, men wrote these articles because as all women know, it is our family and relationships that keep us upbeat or knock us off our axis.

The recent epidemic has left us with a family crisis that we don’t have the tools to deal with. We can’t flee it and we can’t fight it. Left unchecked the stress hormones build up causing anxiety and long-term health problems. Anxiety is the evil step-mother of emotions. It can make you feel like you are losing your grip as it causes memory loss, rapid heart beat and depression. I felt all of these symptoms and I went on a holy pilgrimage to find out how I could keep on being an engaged but laidback grandma who could still enjoy finger painting and pull funny faces with her grandchildren because as every grandma knows: that is what makes the world go round.

How can we keep up a routine of visits in lockdown? How can we use this challenging time to teach lessons of resilience and creative thinking?

I decided, after checking out the options recommended by Mr. Google:

  • “Cut down your coffee intake” (don’t you just hate it when people say that?) What else do you have Google?
  • “Take regular exercise” The gyms are closed Google-keep up!
  • “Cut out alcohol” I can do that I am allergic to wine.

Then I found something more sensible, probably written by a woman.

  • Try breathing exercises
  • Keep you sense of humor
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Set aside time for hobbies, reading, listening to music

I understand that I am a work in progress and that I have to do all of these things each and every day. When I have these tools, I shall be able to engage with my grandchildren in a serene manner. I may meet them by zoom or I may sneak into their village graninja style.

I think I will do both.

I have some experiments ready to do with them so that I can maintain a sense of normality and continuance.

If you want to join me in this experiment to zoom with you grandchildren you need to get the following items:

A large glass

Indigestion or denture cleaning tablets that fizz

Water ½ glass

Food coloring

Oil ¼ glass

You pour the oil, food coloring and oil into the glass and stir

We have been through quite a lot, grandmas and we know deep down inside that it is going to be ok in the end, maybe different but ok. We can pass this reassurance on to our grandchildren one lava lamp at a time.

Another way of keeping a sense of perspective is by volunteering. Next week I will share with you a way of connecting your grandchildren with children from Africa so they can see that it isn’t where we are that counts but who we are.

Corona may bare its ugly teeth and threaten us from the sidelines but no miniscule virus will ever-and I mean ever, separate me from my beloved grandchildren.

Power to the hood-the grandmahood

Please visit my Facebook grandma-ology page where you can print up an eco-birdhouse and printable bird story sheet for the grandchildren.



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