Eddie the eagle

Eddie the eagle was a very friendly eagle. He played baby games with the baby eagles. He even talked to them in their own baby language. He flew very slowly with the old eagles and sang their old songs with them. He spent so much time fitting in with all the other eagles that he forgot what he liked himself. He forgot which food he liked and he forgot which tree he liked to sit and rest in. When the other eagles asked him to tell them a story he told them their own stories. He didn’t have any of his own. He didn’t know what his own story was. He didn’t spend any time being himself. He so wanted the other eagles to like him that he would try to please them all the time and copy everything they did. He never argued with them. He never got angry when they stole his food. Some naughty eagles stole his food all the time. Eddie never got mad but he started to wonder. If I am so nice to the other eagles why are they so mean to me?

Next to the eagles’ mountain peak was a beautiful blue lake and next to the lake was an enormous, gigantic tree. At the top of the tree lived a very old and wise owl. All of the forest animals took their problems to the owl and she listened quietly. Eddie decided to go and talk to the owl about his problem. He wanted to know how to make the other eagles like him. He wanted lots of friends.

One sunny day Eddie plucked up his courage and flew down to the enormous tree by the lake. However he didn’t look around before he took off. Usually he was quite a scared bird and checked around him before he moved anywhere. He was concerned about what everyone else was doing all the time. This time he was just thinking about his conversation with the owl and he leaped into the air. He didn’t notice that right behind him was a very big, ugly crow. The crow had been watching Eddie. He had noticed that he was always busy worrying about the other eagles and never about himself. This was a very bad crow. Even the other crows didn’t want to be his friend. He chased Eddie and started taunting him.

“You are all alone” he said.

“I see that you are always alone and no one likes you. ‘Eddie no friends’- that is your name”. The very mean crow chased him up and down the mountain poking him and saying rude, mean things. Meanwhile up at the top of the mountain the other eagles were watching what was happening and trying to decide what to do. They realised that even though Eddie was not a strong character, he was always there to help and maybe, maybe they did quite like him.

Eddie did not know that the other eagles were about to help him so he decided to help himself. He stopped flying away and turned around very sharply to face the bad crow. “Crow”, he said.     “I will not let you talk to me like that. I am a good eagle and you have no right to be mean. Go away and find something better to do.”

The crow was so surprised that he stopped flying. He started to fall out of the sky and then fast he started flapping his wings and flew back to the other crows.

Eddie flew on to the owl, who had seen everything that had been going on, he sat down, made himself comfortable and began to talk.

Eddie told him that he didn’t feel like he had any friends. He didn’t feel that he was good enough because even though he spent all day looking after the other eagles they still wouldn’t be nice to him.   As he was talking he realised something. He really was quite special. He had scared off the crow. He had helped all of the eagles. He did know which songs he liked to sing and which food he liked to eat. He really did know that there were no other eagles exactly like him. He was special.

Eddie turned and asked the owl what he thought he should do.

“My dear eagle”. Said Olive the owl. “You know inside what the answer is. Think quietly. How do you think you can make friends? More importantly, how can you be true to yourself?”

Eddie didn’t have to think long. He told the owl how he had to be himself. He had to eat what he wanted, sing the songs he liked and tell his own story. The story of Eddie the eagle. There was no other story like it.

When he thanked Olive he turned around in order to fly back up the mountain. What did he see? All of the other eagles waiting for him. They had come to help him ward off the crow and they had heard the conversation between him and Olive.

“We are sorry, we shouldn’t have been mean to you. You are strong and brave and kind. Please Eddie, tell us your story. Tell us the story of Eddie the eagle.”

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