Bella the bee

Bella was a very unusual bee. All bees are special but Bell was extra special. She loved playing hide-and-seek. Bees are usually very hard working and don’t have time to play. This made the game a bit boring as if it was Bella’s turn to hide none of the other bees would come looking for her and if it was their turn to hide they would just carry on working. Oh dear! What could Bella do? What would you do if you were Bella? Really?

She decided to try talking to the other bees and to persuade them to play with her. She gathered them together and described the forests where they could hide and the lakes where they could swim and chase each other. They listened quietly and then they answered her. They told her that they knew about the lakes and the forests. “We know where everything is around them”, they said. “We travel out in groups and when we come back we do a little dance. This dance shows the other bees exactly where the lake is and the yummy flowers and even where the birds are who like to attack us”.

“Really?” Asked Bella. “I thought you were just dancing and I don’t like dancing, I like playing hide-and-seek”.

The other bees were trying to explain to her that they didn’t really have time to play because winter was coming and they had to gather the pollen from the flowers and turn it into honey so that they would have enough food to last.

Suddenly some of the bees who were out looking around for danger came flying into the hive (the bees’ house). “Danger!” They buzzed.

“The bee eating birds are coming!”

All of the bees started to panic. Inside each hive is a bigger bee who is called the queen. The queen is the most important bee as she is the only one who can lay eggs. If there is no queen the whole hive of bees would be finished. Oh no what could they do? The queen never left the hive, she would be scared if they told her that the birds were coming and that she had to go out.

Bella had an idea.

“Let’s tell her we are playing hide-and-seek and that it is her turn to hide.” She said.

The other bees thought that it was an excellent idea. They asked Bella to go to her and explain how to play. Bella did this as fast as she could because she knew that the bee-eating birds were on their way. Luckily the queen was very bored and she thought it was an excellent idea. She flew out of the hive and headed for the forest. Bella had told her that they would count until 50 000 and it would take a long time.

In the meantime the other birds also flew to the forest where they watched the flock of birds circle the hive looking for the bees. Oh they were so angry. There was not even 1 bee. They pulled some angry faces and said some very bad words. Then they flew away.

The bees went to find the queen who thought that this was a fabulous game and wasn’t at all scared. She agreed to go back to the hive but only on the condition that they would play hide-and-seek with her every Sunday and every other Wednesday. The other bees thought that this was very reasonable and agreed. Bella was especially happy and agreed to help them gather pollen.

This was one happy hive and they lived happily ever after.

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